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The success of a presentation is largely determined by the match between the material being presented and the needs, concerns and centres of interest of the given audience.

Once this has been assured, the material needs to be delivered in a manner that catches the audience's attention at the outset and maintains it through to the conclusion.

Most importantly, techniques need to be employed to ensure the retention of the key messages by the audience.
  Top management delivering presentations on annual results and strategic vision to an international conference of senior managers in Marketing, Finance, Sales and Logistics.
  • To optimise presentation skills as a tool for leadership
  • To promote a strategic vision to senior managers with credibility and vigour
  • To get across tough and difficult messages while continuing to motivate and inspire the assembly
  • To convince, persuade and reassure the fearful and sceptical when faced with change
  • To generate a working complicity between senior management and the 'new blood'
  • To use stagecraft and communication skills to embody the management style that is expressed in the strategic vision
  Coaching on the content of the presentation:
  • Audience-focused content
  • Development of key messages
  • Designing a structure and content that reflects the manner in which an audience takes in material from an oral communication
  • Advice on effective visual supports
  • Techniques to manage stress
Dynamic delivery:
  • Voice
  • Posture
  • Gesture
  • Use of space
  • Stagecraft
  • Gaining audience attention from the beginning of the presentation and maintaining it until the end
  • Achieving the presentation objectives of convincing and moving an audience to action, or informing in a way that will be remembered
  • Securing that budget increase, selling that strategy, convincing an audience to evolve in its current behaviour or thinking
  • A much greater feeling of control and ease when presenting


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