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A professional facilitator at a conference can bring pace and objectivity to the proceedings and greatly increase attention among the audience.

Expert in the techniques of stagecraft, a facilitator can take on a range of functions: master of ceremonies; running live journalistic-style interviews on stage with key protagonists; neutral professional handling of question and answer sessions and of potentially difficult people; summarising discussions.


A conference to benchmark three existing technologies and to decide which ones to develop to the next level.

  • To have a 'politically neutral' chair
  • To present the technologies in a dynamic and interesting way
  • To maintain efficient time keeping
  • To have impartial summaries of positions and discussions
  • To remain focused on action
  • Advice on designing the agenda to ensure realistic objectives and timing and optimisation of facilitation tools
  • Upbeat, professional introduction and animation of the discussions
  • When problem solving, to ensure the process of positioning, exploration and resolution
  • Live journalistic-style interviews on stage with project champions as alternatives to standard presentations
  • Professional handling of question and answer sessions
  • Maintaining the focus on action plans and determining responsibility for next steps
  • Sensitive and politically difficult issues tackled in the open through neutral facilitation
  • Action objectives always kept firmly in view throughout the meeting
  • Dynamic, motivational and fair meeting leadership dramatically reduces frustration and increases attention and will from participants to tackle the important issues
  • Professional management of difficult people

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