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Whether it be a workshop to define strategy, a team-building seminar, or a brainstorm to generate new initiatives, a professional independent facilitator who is not a stakeholder can effectively enhance and channel energy levels and facilitate the group towards the generation of concrete action plans.

A professional facilitator will be skilled in meeting management and effective communication skills.
They act as midwife to the group while employing techniques and processes that ensure the delivery of the perfect baby in the form of tangible results.

  Team review of working methods
  • To validate the positive and to identify areas for improvement
  • To deal with contentious issues in a positive, upbeat and problem-solving manner
  • To move from complaining mode to problem-solving and action mode
  • To maintain confidentiality in the raising of difficult issues
  • Politically neutral research and investigation of key issues prior to the retreat through confidential interviews with each member of the team and key players outside the team (client groups internal and external)
  • Analysis of the research to identify critical subjects for debate during the retreat
  • Design of retreat programme in consultation with the retreat planning committee
  • Programme to consist of team-building activities, debate, sub group work and reports back to plenary
  • Creation of a supportive, challenging and balanced problem-solving environment
  • Facilitator to be the voice for confidential input during the discussions
  • Professional facilitation and sensitive handling of debate leading to action plans
  • Validation and strengthening of what is working well
  • Ensuring that the important issues are addressed
  • Clear identification of areas for improvement with action plans for concrete results
  • Exorcism of negative feelings
  • Greatly increased team spirit and productivity
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