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We live in an age of communication and yet poor communication is one of the main reasons for the breakdown in team and client service relationships in the corporate sector and partnerships between governments, civil society and NGO's.

Time, money and sometimes lives are lost as a result of ineffective and dysfunctional communication.
  The need to optimise team member interaction as well as client relations
  A team made up of diverse personalities and cultural / educational backgrounds can waste time and money through frustration and inefficiency resulting from ineffective communication. The same can be said for all professional relationships. Opportunities are lost and potential is not fully realised.
  • Temperament mapping
  • Emotional intelligence model
  • Role-plays: Dealing with difficult people
  • Case studies
  • Stress management techniques
  • Adapting behaviour
  • Communication issues become depersonalised and managed strategically through emotional intelligence and an understanding of temperament
  • Teams become more productive and client relations become more fruitful
  • Understanding and tolerance are increased - Inefficiency and frustration are reduced
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