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Handling the media is full of pitfalls and opportunities and should not be left to chance.
  Preparing for an interaction with the media
  • Ensuring that one's message comes across
  • What should one ask the journalist before the interview?
  • What are the rules of the game for the interview?
  • What does one need to do to be convincing?
  • How to deal with questions that destabilise you?
  • What should one say in a crisis situation?
  • How should one prepare before an interview or press conference?
  • How should one adapt ones approach for either TV, radio or the press?
  • How to build productive relationships with journalists?
  • Hands-on practical training
  • Objective assistance with the defining and developing of key messages
  • Techniques for effective relationship building with journalists
  • Training for press conferences and Q+A sessions
  • Thorough preparation before the interview
  • Techniques for answering questions while sticking to one's own agenda
  • On camera role-plays followed by critique
  • Greatly increased confidence and credibility
  • Clear dissemination of key messages
  • Damage avoidance
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